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Tim Staub

Biotechnology Executive

Tim Staub is the owner and Managing Director of Oxford Advisory Services, LLC, a management consulting company focused on the scale-up and development of synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology in food, agriculture, and material sciences. His experience includes food proteins, aquaculture, fungicides, pesticides, antimicrobials, bio-based alcohols and solvents, bio-based organic acids, and biosurfactants.

Industry Leadership

"Collaborative scale-up is the critical key that unlocks the value of your technology."

Tim has been an entrepreneur, executive and consultant in the specialty chemicals industry and in industrial biotechnology for over 30 years in CEO, COO, VP and other senior level roles. He was CEO of Fermentum, Inc., a bio-foundry fermentation start-up, and was Global Vice President of Business Development for Green Biologics (and its predecessor company, Butylfuel Inc.), a biobutanol and acetone company. Tim served as President and COO of CellFor, Inc., a Vancouver, BC based forestry biotechnology firm, and Director – Forestry Biotechnology for Monsanto, where he was a founder of Arborgen – the world’s leading forestry seed company. He worked in various roles over his career at Monsanto, including sales, general management, and procurement in the chemical division. He was sales and marketing director for Arch Chemicals (now Lonza) antimicrobial business unit, focusing on personal care, home care, and industrial markets.




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