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Don DiMasi

Updated: Jul 29

Biotechnology Commercialization Advisor

Don DiMasi has been an Industrial Bioprocessing professional for 30 years, and is currently SVP of Process R&D and Operations at Brightseed, Inc., an AI-powered nutritional ingredient start-up. He recently served as SVP of Engineering and Process Development for Impossible Foods, Inc., where he was responsible for the design, build, and deployment of novel fermentation and food manufacturing facilities.

"Crucial for scale-up and Bio-Business success is a tight, collaborative, transparent, and trusting relationship between the bio-business owner’s key stakeholders and process development staff, the engaged professional engineering firm, and the host contract manufacturer. Critical, but often neglected areas of focus include risk analysis, contingency planning, robust commissioning, and start-up and shut-down procedures. As these areas often influence process design, they need to be considered as early in the process as possible."

Previously, Don was VP of Process Development at Solazyme (now Corbion) developing products and processes for biofuels, triglyceride oils, food ingredients, and cosmetics made from algae. Prior to relocating to the Bay Area, Don was VP of Process R&D at Mascoma Corporation, working on consolidated bioprocessing of cellulosic biomass, Director of Process R&D at CP Kelco, developing new products and manufacturing processes for microbial polysaccharides, Associate Director at Diversa, developing novel thermostable enzymes, and Senior Engineer at American Cyanamid, developing fermentation processes for animal health products.


Don received his B.S. from M.I.T., M.S. from the University of Virginia, and Ph.D. from Tufts University, all in Chemical Engineering, and also an M.S. in Executive Leadership from the University of San Diego School of Business Administration.




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